Useful things we found along our way

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Niamh's Journey

This car seat was one of the best buys we ever made. It swivels on a fixed base so that you can turn your child towards the car door to strap them in and lift them out.

For anyone that has to negotiate feeding tubes, IV lines or oxygen tubing whilst transporting your child, (or if they are just low tone) it is a MUST HAVE!

Even for those who's children do not fit into the cateories above, it will still save your back! - Niamh was still comfortable in hers at 4 years old, and it tilts back and has an adjustable head support. We all loved it - and so did Niamh (you can tell by the smile)

It is intended for children 9-18KG (9months to 4years ish) and is called:

Bebe Confort Axiss Car Seat (Maxi Cosi) - They are about £190

Niamh car seat

Ava's mum told me about this bottle which they used for her when she started having difficulty feeding, due to her underlying neurological problems.

The Haberman Feeder is a speciality bottle for babies with impaired sucking ability.
The feeder's design enables the feeder to be activated by tongue and gum pressure, imitating the mechanics involved in breastfeeding, rather than by sucking.

Before starting the feeding, air is squeezed out of the nipple and is automatically replaced by milk through a one way valve. Milk cannot flow back into the bottle and is replenished continuously as the baby feeds. A slit valve opening near the tip of the nipple shuts between jaw compressions, preventing the baby from being overwhelmed with milk.

For infants who need assistance with their feeding efforts, mother (or whoever is feeding the baby) may apply a gentle pumping action to the body of the nipple.


Katelyn's mum Jeniffer recommended this toy/swing as a good way to allow Katelyn to experience different positions and to lift her head and I think it looks fantastic!

The website link is

Kayelyn Wingbo

Beautiful Kayelyn in her Wingbo!