Niamh's Story in Detail

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Niamh's Journey

Her seizures came in all shapes and sizes, and changed from week to week. She had absences, eye flickering & eye deviations, lip smacking & salivating, retching & vomiting, breath holding, leg and arm lifting and stiffness through to full body shakes.

Initial Diagnosis - 1 Year Old

The next month Niamh was taken into Great Ormond Street Hospital to have Telemetry done (to help diagnose her) and to start the Classical Ketogenic Diet.

The Telemetry revealed she had a condition called "Migrating Partial Epilepsy of Infancy" A devastating neurological disorder for which the prognosis is extremely poor and for which there is no cure.

  With medical support it was agreed that we stop all her anticonvulsant drugs and focus on the ketogenic diet alone in an attempt to
  make Niamh comfortable and to try and improve her quality of life while she was with us.

  What happened 6 weeks later was totally unexpected.

Niamh Mae 359
Good Times