Nice things we have found along our way

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Niamh's Journey

  One of the best things we ever did was taking a print of Niamh's finger and setting it in
  sterling silver.
  I wear her print on a chain around my neck all the time and when I miss
  her, I just hold it in my fingers and its like I'm holding her hand.

The lady who run's the company is called Helen and she very kindly said that anyone who finds their website through
Niamh's journey can enter the code 'NiamhJourney' at checkout then 10% will automatically be deducted from their

Click the link to visit their site:

Bubble 1

Two very generous friends of ours bought this amazing bubble tube for Niamh as a thank you for letting them stay with us whilst their house move was going through.

Niamh absolutely loved it (as you can see) and despit her being cortically blind, she continually smiled and was stimulated by the colour change of the bubbles and the noise and vibration the tube made.

Niamh's tube came with a colour touch pad, to try and allow her to understand that she could make something happen - by touching the button, the colour changed or the bubbles stopped.

This tube was purchased from a shop called SpaceKraft, which specilaises in sensory equipment for children with special needs.

It does have some amazing stuff but if I'm being honest, they are very over-priced. I don't know how companies like this can be allowed to get away with it, but something we found along our journey was that every shop that sold something for "Special needs" also comes with a "Special" price tag!