Niamh's Special Friends

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Niamh's Journey

Jocelyn Joy was born 7th September 2007 after a complication free pregnancy. In the first few hours after birth she started having seizures.
Jocelyn spent the first 4 months in hospital having various tests including MRI’s, EEG’s, lumbar punctures, skin biopsies, blood tests all which appear normal. She has since been diagnoses with MPEI, suffers from Dystonia & has a global development delay.

Jocelyn is on numerous medications & the ketogenic diet to try to help control the seizures- but despite this she still has multiple seizures daily.
She currently can not eat, walk or talk.
Jocelyn is otherwise in good health and spirits. She loves rough play, music & has the most beautiful smile which lights up our world!

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Micah was born in Homer Alaska summer 2006.

He had difficulty eating and gaining weight. He started having seizures at birth yet they were not detected by medical personnel until he was 5 weeks old. He was tested at Providence Hospital in Anchorage Alaska. After results showed that everything was 'Normal' his parents moved to Michigan where he was tested again at the Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan. He was tested one year later at Cleveland Clinic summer 2007.

His diagnosis of MPEI came the same summer. Micah now lives back in Homer Alaska after there was nothing the Doctors could do to help him through this devastating disease. He is surrounded by his family and people who love and take good care of him.
More info about Micah can be found through his Carepages at: