Niamh's Story in Detail

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Niamh's Journey

In The Beginning

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Niamh was born by ventouse delivery, after a straightforward pregnancy and a 47 hour labour. She got apgar's scores of 9 but didn’t cry on arrival.
She was a little angel - she had huge blue eyes and barely ever cried. She slept through the night from a few days old. We thought we had hit the jackpot.

As the weeks went on, we noticed she slept a lot and was reluctant to take feeds. She was a very sicky baby and regulary vomited her feeds despite only taking tiny amounts.

She would often fall asleep during her feeds and we tried everything to keep her awake including stripping her down to her nappy and on occasions we resorted to running her feet under the tap while feeding her to try and keep her awake.

None of this helped, and Niamh was slow to gain weight. Our initial concerns were dismissed, we were told that she was just a "lazy baby" and to continue as we were - we were over-anxious first time parents.

Niamh was only 7 weeks old when we first noticed strange eye flickering and finger twitching.
When these episodes became more frequent I took her to our GP who suggested we take
her straight to hospital - she thought she was having seizures.

Initially the hospital were unsure, and due to her regular vomiting and poor weight gain,
it was suggested she had reflux and Niamh was put on 3 drugs called Domperidone,
Opemprazole and Ranitidine.

Whilst under hospital observation Niamh continued to vomit and flicker her eyes, so we
were transferred to a different hospital for further investigations.

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Good Times