Charities We Support

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Niamh's Journey

Niamh’s family and friends support the following charities that were key to improving the quality of our daughter's life while she was alive and that support ongoing research into conditions like hers for children in the future.

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Matthews Friends aims to increase awareness of the Ketogenic diet, making it more widely available, supporting parents/carers and most importantly, helping our children who have suffered with seizure upon seizure to a brighter, seizure free and medication free future.

This charity gave Niamh a drug free alternative to seizure freedom. Niamh enjoyed 3 ½ years free of seizures thanks to the ketogenic diet and for that quality time we will be forever grateful.

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This charity is committed to finding a cure for Mitochondrial Disease and other metabolic disorders through funding research and providing support to those involved and affected by metabolic disorders.

Although we did not know about the Lily foundation until after Niamh passed away, helping them reach their goal and improving diagnostics of these debilitating conditions that cause so much suffering for our tiny babies, is incredibly important.

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CHASE hospice care for children provides clinical, practical, and emotional support to families with children with life-limiting conditions.

This charity provided Niamh with loving respite care and supported us all through her illness. Chase gave us a chance to take short breaks to recharge our batteries knowing that our daughter was well looked after. They also provided us with bereavement support after Niamh passed away.